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Viewing Lyrics for Ka-Boom!:

Artist:Dark Lotus
No album artwork found
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Dark Lotus (Lotus)
I can make it thunder (Dark Lotus make it thunder)

Don't be lookin' to the sky for birds or planes
All you find is the Dark Lotus
spittin' the Black Rain
Bodies slammin' each other
on clouds makin' electrical
That can be seen for miles in the depths of the dark
Do you spot the clouds with
thunderous roars
That's when bolts start flying and rain starts to pour
Where you gonna run
Here we gotta clear view
of what electrical bolts you know that we gonna spear

[Violent J]
I gotta fifteen pound sledgehammer that I bury in the dome
people in them unlocked tombs
And f--k a headache
I pop heads like grapes
And I keep
swingin' at it till a bed breaks
I make ya boom
I'm always spendin' bloody money
and if
my momma found how I got it, she wouldn't love me
It's over quick
I blow the brain matter
out ya ears
and leave the bloodiest crimescene a muthaf--kas seen in years

I can make it thunda
(Shake the ground)

And I can split the ground
I'm that crazy muthaf--ka that just walked
into town
WIth a backpack full of C4
and your backpack's full of wack raps cause
all that ya good for
Push the b--ton, I dare you go ahead and do it
Ahh f--k it I'm 'bout to
lose it
I'll show you there's nothing to it
I blew it up and then I walked away clean
wiped the black like a slate at a house on the scene

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Don't make me jump
over, put Zeus in a headlock
Then stamp my foot and make the Earth crack,
hatchet blade is sharp as a razor
and sp

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