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Viewing Lyrics for Retaliation, Revenge And Get Back:

Artist:Daz Dillinger
Taken from the album Retaliation, Revenge & Get Back by Daz Dillinger
Album:Retaliation, Revenge & Get Back
Track:Retaliation, Revenge And Get Back
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:(daz talking)
I want them 20 dollar pores bwoy,
Get your sharp sticks!
We're going to
la la land
(hahaha)we're going to the moon
We're going to serve these motherf--kers
Boy you got your s--t?
b--ch aaa n---a!
You want static!?
Yo! go get the
We got a meeting at the park, don't be late!

They say the streets
ain't safe no more
For us youngsters,
Take the chance to achieve and live the life of a
Gather up all the matter, yeah, we multiply
Many hood stories told, we analyze

See we bang for this colour and only this colour
Kill any colour, that ain't our colour

Get it in your head what's done what's done said
Embalmed on the wall for all my homies that's
I can't forget you homie
Drinkin and smoking because i'm lonely
Blastin all
these motherf--kers cause they phony

My heart flooded with anger
Deep inside,
but who cares
Life is dead, we banging like soldiers
So beware if you scared
Then we
torture the ????
For what the f--k you done done
Jump across these n---as so now the war
is on
We rob, strapped busting until they all drop
s--t, we actually blowing your b--ch
aaa off the block
So keep your glock clocked s--ker!
For when i come through
around something now your homies is nothing
20 seconds til death,
Weed, alcohol on my
You looking for your f--king homies
Ain't none left!
Hangin out with my
n---as, real street n---as
They hearts is cold hear, bust them triggers
Taping flicks,
pictures, modifying the street life
Drinking liquer, shermed out, high as a kite

Intoxication, ain't feeling that you can feel
When the cops drive by suddenly
And they was
out to kill

(daz talking)
Yeah, tell your homeboy that!
Dead on sight!

Everytime we see y'all b--ch ass

Now i'm shot!
Barely made it!
Killed four of
my homies, it's gang-related
Now what's next for us, we load up
But keep adjust my set to
murder, so what the f--k!

(daz talking)
Yeah, when i get wet, they're ain't nothing
i won't do
So intoxicate your mind to something new
Always remeber
retaliation, murder, get back

I'm in the world on my own
I will roam i gotta stay
My motto "you f--k with us, you f--king get domed"
Two days later n---as
come back and sprayed us
Retaliation and get back this time just to face it
We five cars
deep, we jet out as we creep
Blowing n---as ???? hollering east side! long beach!!
My feud
ain't with them other n---as!
It's with you
Got a gauge to your head n---a what you goin
Handle my business, for the cops come and get to snitching
Reaching to our destination
so we can kick it
Nobody knows and we won't get caught
Continue stacking paper, moving
cavi on the block
I thought you knew! but now you know!
Don't ever ever come around no
And why's that? and why not?
Cause it's my money and i mash for my block!

(yelling and swearing)

The gang! daz dillenger!
Taking all y'all b--ch aaa
n---as the f--k out!
You better watch out!
Cuz here we come, come,
We goin getcha
We going getch getcha
We going getch getcha
We ain't finshed finished
goin getcha getcha
We going getch getcha
We going getch getcha
Before the automatic
hitsya hitsya
We goin getcha getcha
We going getch getcha
We going getch getcha

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