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Viewing Lyrics for V Thing:

Artist:Divina Enema
No album artwork found
Track:V Thing
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:(In the first chamber was a Dragon-Man, clearing
away the rubbish from a cave's mouth; within
number of Dragons were hollowing the cave. In
the second chamber was a Viper folding
the rock and the cave, and others adoring it
with gold, silver and precious stones. In
third chamber was an Eagle with wings and
feathers of air: he caused the inside of
cave to be infinite. Around were numbers of
Eagle-like men who built palaces in the
cliffs. In the fourth chamber were Lions of
flaming fire, raging around and melting
metals into living fluids)

As thus that creature had been hidden
Between the
stone-cold walls of kloof
And nane se dare to look for this ae -
I'm looking forward the
next ae

There are a lot of dark dimensions,
The ninefold darkness hath nae
And its abode is sae self-closed as
Everything becometh this ae.

beings stay forever countless.
What kind of them I'd like to show thee?
And lo, this ae's
the most important.
Therefore sae little dost thou see

As anyone doth... I'd like to
ask thee
What kind of them - I mean that being
Hath four the pillars in the Morning
two of them - I mean the pillars -

Se be despised by Day and then -
It wilt be taken by
the Even
Wha giveth to it the other ae.
Wi' four or two or three it liveth...

hae I thought to be?
Why wert thou so dear?
You've just erupted as a... curse -
mystic name's Nehemiah!

Believe in hell
As it has been seen by
Things are really very differ
I do not believe in hell
Devil doth exist and
In your fears, deep into night
As his living was described

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