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Viewing Lyrics for Lets Take A Walk Around The Block:

Artist:Ella Fitzgerald
No album artwork found
Track:Lets Take A Walk Around The Block
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:I never traveled further North than old Van Courtland Park
and never further South than the
I've seen the charm of Jersey City, but first let me remark
I saw it from the
empire state solarium

But we've been putting nickels in the postal savings bank
when those nickels pile up, we can toddle off in swank
and I don't mean an ordinary cook's
I mean a cabin de-luxe tour

Someday we'll go places
New lands and new
The day we quit punching the clock
The future looks pleasant,
But at
Let's take a walk around the block.

You're just the companion
I want at
Grand Canyon
for throwing old blades down the rock
The money we have`ll go for
Meantime, let's walk around the block.

Gangway, we'll begin
When our, ship
comes in
I'll sit on your lap
All over the map

To London in May time
To Venice
in play time
To Paris in time for a frock
To Boston in bean time
Let's take a walk around the block.


In Winter at
We'll visit the isthmus
And see how they lock up a lock
And then in Caracas,
on a jackass,
We'll take a ride around the block.

We'll keep to our promise,
visit St. Thomas
And then at Jamaica we'll dock
The prospect is thrilling,
Still I am
Just now to walk around the block.

Onward, to Cathay
Then to
Boom on to Bangkok
P'r'aps Vladivostok

We'll send the folks
Accumulate labels
Buy souvenirs till we're in hock
But since we are flat in old
Let's take a walk around the block.

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