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Viewing Lyrics for B-Rabbit Vs. Marv One:

Taken from the album Assorted by Eminem
Track:B-Rabbit Vs. Marv One
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:[Marv One]

yo yo, yall ready for death
yall ready for death
Marv One that fat
killer the game done got ugly, lets go
yo, yo, I seen your type before you think you tough,
battle you
b--ch you lucky I dont beat you up
In the game of fist ta cups Ill push your
face back
You cant f--k with me man, really just face facts
As he verses me in a battle of
ten rounds
Its like Mugsey Boags tryin to bark with Jim Brown
Dumb f--k, Im the type to
run a muck, come in the club drunk as f--k
Slap your b--ch who even buck, when I walk..

Tell your a man the size of a ?D and D dof?
Tryin to take his ear off, like mike types,
quite nice on fight night, an why he popped s--t
I thought he liked flyin, appearntly not

Im Nickel hairinly hot, and if I meant you
may your parents be shot
You im a bad boy,
b--ch is on, I pull 44s in your chest
Like your freak mahone


Hold on faggot, let me turn this mic on
Dont think for a minute Im goin let you get away with
that song
Cause that s--t was wack, you aint spittin
As a matter of fact all of that s--t
was written,
And I no it wasnt for me, shorely, you really must adore me,
Now look
Yo, you might as well move to Italy
Look this guy is ripped (skkkrr) literally

You dont wanna really f--k wit this,
On this microphone, I aint stuck-a lot-to-kiss
But I
dont give a f--k, you can keep that doe rap
And turn your aaa back around with your f--kin
skull cap,
and your bandana or your mother f--kin sweat band
f--kin with this style youre
a dead man,
I aint redman but on this mic yo I pick it up,
Just like your face when I had
to rip it up,
You dont wanna see me,
Yo, uh

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