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Viewing Lyrics for Vacant Grave:

No album artwork found
Track:Vacant Grave
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Headstones overturned and smashed
Your f--king corpse I want to thrash
The cold, hard ground
I hack and slash
Coffins torns apart like trash
Six feet closer to your doom
From this
grave I will exhume
Horrid flesh my blade consumes
As I destroy your earthen

Vacant Grave

To remove my rotting prize
From the soil the box will
Disembalm the cadaverized
Defile the dead I so despise
The pick-axe now
Slaughter in the cemetery
From the site the corpse is carried
The ink still wet
on the obituary

Vacant Grave

Your hands and feet I masticate
The body I
A shovel used to decapitate
The corpse`s head I obliterate
Only pieces they
will find
Of the carnage so unkind
Twisted fragments of your spine
At the hole I left

Vacant Grave!

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