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Viewing Lyrics for N.E. Terror:

Artist:Flotsam And Jetsam
No album artwork found
Track:N.E. Terror
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Wake up to face another day of
Madness, the modern world at play.
Corruption, from white and
blue alike,
Serenity is jeopardised.

Envoys are delt their hands.
Barter with their
deadly plans for
Power they deal and trade
Compare the guns they made - big

Secrets held from humanity.
Errors kept under lock and key
Mistrust, another
people lost.
Red atomic double cross - twisted cross.

Famine, plagues the lands they
As they sp--n feed tv tape.
Bustling nations horde their rotting wheat,
tribesmen wither in the heat.

Spotlight on the innocent,
Kiddnapping extortion oil
money spent.
Justice bent the eastern way,
Stand up for freedom with your life you'll

Hijackers, terror in the sky
Crackpot colonel spits it in your eye.
dies to pick a fight,
New mercedes packed with dynamite.

Torture from the hooded
Heads of state decapitation.
Control is their ultra plan,
Sacred blood spills
upon their hands

Madman don't waste any time,
Murder inside david's shrine.
riddle wailing wall,
On bloody broken knees they crawl.

Hooded madmen
make your move,
Tell me something, what you're trying to prove?
Why won't you let me see
your face?
My fire's bigger, I'll put you in your place.

Third world, deep freeze
hostage plot,
Pray to your God you get caught.
All the world will hear your name,
As you
proudly claim your blame.

Struggle behind the murky face,
Panic fronts the world wide
At random choose the blood they smear,
Thermo global fear.

Blindman leading
the blind,
Mercy gets left behind.
Hopeless vic

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
Infinity to infinity plus two days
I prays for
my sanity to remain sane
All in vain and I don't even know your name
Supreme you reign,
Sire, Your Fine-ness
Desire burn like fire I admire
How you take me higher with them
Cuts got me nuts, trippin' off them biceps
So what's the 411, hon? You got the
The brothas crave, I praise God you was made
Bring the drama to mama, let it
Show you right, take it in stride as we ride Lovers Lane
You left a stain on my brain,
Yeah, the kind of brotha other girls can only dream of
Did ya lead the pack? Needle in
a haystack
Diamond in the rough, yeah can't get enough

1 - Upside down, boy, you turn
Inside out, round and round
Upside down, boy, you turn me
Inside out, round and round
and round

Me and my peeps be clockin' the block for your jeep
Keep checkin' for ya, we
can't sleep runnin' the streets
You freakin' me ??? in the marriage
Here come Salty with the
baby carriage
So tell me what does it take for you to recognize
Fate's sendin' you my way?
I'm destiny's highway
The kissin' got me dissin', them other heads has barely got a clue
you know how we do, yeah
You give me a run for my money and break a sweat
hard-to-get, give up the paycheck
I'm comin' for you, I'm comin' through
With the force of
ten men, I wanna be no friend
As I perceive a need to please ya
I wanna squeeze ya and wanna
tease ya, ease ya mind on wine
And relaxed, turn your hat to the back cuz I'm here, oh

Repeat 1

What's goin' on? I'm buggin' all of a sudden
Thought I was into
(shhh...), losinc1

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