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Viewing Lyrics for Duck Down:

Artist:Funkmaster Flex
No album artwork found
Track:Duck Down
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:[FunkMaster Flex]
Chris Lighty

This is Tobas Katowsky
reporting live from the Brookyln Bridge
Suspects otherwise known as Da Franchise
Have once
again took to the streets
Our advice is to duck down

[Da Franchise]
Uhh, you see that Brooklyn

Bulls--t, I'm on it like Big was
Franchise don't
get me mixed up for real, uhh
I'm still here, n---a it's real here
Talk slick, I'll have you
rollin around in wheelchairs
And yeah, I play s--t with gambling heads
Or I'll have your
b--ch scrambling eggs
Either or it's me, RC, the outdoor outlaw
Type to throw my guns up
southpaw, let's get it on
See the waves under the rag, the rims under the Jag
Guns cover my
waist, no wonder you mad
Fools call it gangsta but we call it gutter
Cold War, I bring the
heat to you summer to summer
I'm the criminal that'll leave your condition critical
My dogs
bloodhounds, it's nothin to get at you
El Dorado red, drink until the bottles dead
Feed my
clips hollowheads, please you cowards better

[Chorus x2]
Duck down
This one is over
your head boy
Duck down
Out fool, you'll be a dead boy
Duck down
You heard what I
said boy
Duck down
What you saying huh
What you saying huh

Once the beef is on
fam we goin out
Summer fade, winter time I'm in the blow out
BK stompin which one of you
fools would start somethin
Y'all don't want me to turn best out of Compton
We don't need
Destiny's Child to get it jumpin
Hoes be stretchin us out, it ain't nothin
Everything from
the crib to the car be dirty
Who are we? Franchise, dirty money
There's three in the clip,
and my whole team is hung

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