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Viewing Lyrics for Ante Up (Remix) - M.O.P./Busta Rhymes/Remy Martin/Tephlon:

Artist:Funkmaster Flex
No album artwork found
Track:Ante Up (Remix) - M.O.P./Busta Rhymes/Remy Martin/Tephlon
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:[Busta Ryhmes]
Attention please, attention please!!
This s--t here feels like a whole entire
WORLD collapsed!
Motherf--kerrrrrrrrrr! Yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah) yeah!
Yeah (yeah) yeah
(yeah) yeah (yeah)
Buck (buck) buck (buck) buck (buck) buck (buck) buck

Busta Rhymes
now, M.O.P. now
What you want now? (What you want now?)
What you want now? (What you want
What you want now? (What you want now?)
What you want now?
(What you want want
want want want want BUCK BUCK)

ANTE UP!! No, cut that fool!
They want to act stupid
gun-b--t that fool
When I c--k that tool, n---a run your damn jewels
'fore we f--k around
and lay you up in your own blood pool, n---a
Hunt you down n---a, run your aaa down
the hounds til them n---az'll gun your aaa down (STOP IT)
You frontin like this was a thing of
the past
With tattoos over the scars a n---a left on your ass!
My n---az think lopsided,
bust they gat cross-sided
In the subways they rob trains runnin along-side it!
See motherf--ker we don't play with that s--t
And if you want your s--t back you had to PAY for
that s--t!
You little costume n---az, Romper-Room n---az
Get you in the night or early in
the afternoon n---az
We takin your whole s--t WHILE WE PASS THROUGH
Even the shirt off your
back, n---a RUN THAT TOO

[Remy Martin]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I catch you
backstage, give me the keys to the Escalade
You think you cute hoe? Take off them Gucci
I get my dogs to do you dirty, they all seven-thirty
Rock a ski-mask, whether it's
June or February
I take your show money (OHH!) take your 'dro money (OHH!)
Yo yap that fool,
cause I don't know money!
For my peeps t

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