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Viewing Lyrics for Freestyle - Redman:

Artist:Funkmaster Flex
No album artwork found
Track:Freestyle - Redman
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:[from the end of the last track]
This is Funk Doctor Spot, K-Solo, comin to ya' live
1996 to
97', Funkmaster Flex!

[Redman talking]
I got tic tacs in my mouth with a big
but it dont matter, we representin, on some
real s--t, Def Squad, coming to ya
splittin these peas from a pod
yo, K-Solo, drop 1 one time!

breaka breaka, one-nine, site
get off the dappa-vine, guess who's back to shine?

I wish I won the lotterry
So I could tell n---as to s--k d--k out of
And freeze em' like pottery, and give labotomies
To all you rap colonies, and shut
your million dollar investment to economy
Impossibly, might be the one in black
Nametag sayin

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