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Viewing Lyrics for Freestyle:

Artist:Funkmaster Flex
No album artwork found
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Fabolous, Funk Flex Vol. 4 n---as c'mon
it's gettin hard to dodge the
but I'm still pitching hard white balls
faster than Roger Clemens,
ya know the kid
with the O's
that's as large as linens
when it comes to sellin trees
I'm as large as
my lawyer got my charges slimmin'
he said the only way I am goin upstate
it's in larger swimmin'
pull out the garage like gremlins
anarge with trimmins
system in
it that have the projects tremblin
ya know nothin about lettin a few strays go off
ya only
reach for your hip when your two ways go off
shots'll fly by your head
your toup blow
I ain't crip I'm just a blue gray show off
ghetto fab I more than rap for my
keep two 9's on me like Warren Sapp from the Buccs
the word I'm ballin be flowin to
the fed jakes
and I keep chicks on my lap throwin me head fakes
n---a I walk around with the
grams you stackin
and me and Flex don't roll unless they Andrew Jackson
it's Brooklyn by me
the crook the IB ya even look
at ID you gettin hooked to IV
motherf--kers huh

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