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Viewing Lyrics for Freestyle - Kaotic Style:

Artist:Funkmaster Flex
No album artwork found
Track:Freestyle - Kaotic Style
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Yeah, Kaotic in the house!
(That's that s--t, that's that s--t)
That's that, that's that,
that's that, that's that s--t!
(That's that s--t, that's that s--t!)
That's that, hah,
that's that s--t!
(Kaotic Style)
Yo that's that, that that that's that s--t!

I be the trife one in the night son it's the lifer
Sometimes I think I'm losin my mind, keep on
fallin behind
SCRAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM n---a, it ain't gon' be no strike three
to bring the f--kin
pain and p---ed herbal blitz
Don't miss, I bet y'all n---az know I'm comin out, POW
yo' biggest, throw yo' riches, only stitches
From the depths of East New, off of ??
with click, A TOP PICK, I bust one
through your f--kin head, these b--ches always seem to
be my third leg, but they might involve the Feds - NAHHHH
In this land of hardrocks
and glocks
I reign supreme, like wet p---y does to the hard c--k
Now takin flight it be the
schitzo, from B.K. to Frisco
Disco debonaire with savoir faire
Ahhhhhhh, god damn, it be the
Scram on a mission
Out to get much wampum, I got to stomp em
on the warpath at last, Digguh
bless these mics and pass
'fore I get up in that ass, check this out
Check, check check
I'm spittin deadly venom up in em, Bronx got high
Send em to that f--kin green pasture
in the sky
One two three, the three is called Kaotic Style
Exotic and wild, freestyles come
in large piles
Get down with this, get down with this
Kaotic in the flesh, hittin every

East, New, be the rest
Come and test, one of the best in the field
yield, for this jiggy appeal
that I be applyin, underground n---az be dyin
For, all,

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