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Viewing Lyrics for After My Chedda:

Taken from the album Assorted by G-Unit
Track:After My Chedda
Date Added:27/04/2015
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When you frown at me is it because I wont provide for you girl
your after me
And you friends they see it to screaming we know what your up to do girl
after my cheddar

(50 cent)
I gave you your style Gucci this Fendi that

Burberry bag shoes and the hat to match
I like the way it look but b--ch I aint buying that

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but no more Prada shoes
When I just wanna chill you
wanna go out
See me parle with some other chick you wanna show out
You say I'm wrong
when I dog yo aaa like I should
now you reminisce about all the time I treated you good


(Lloyd Banks)
when you think about me grinding my fans
even got more watch on but it's to much time on your hands
They say behind every good man is a
So tash pull up stash the cannon linen
I'll never be your chofuer to the mall

You'll learn to appreciate cd's and posters on the wall
fatal attractions is mad real

Last b--ch I deaded got mad and swallowed 50 Advil's


They say money make the world go round
Material things make a hoe go down
see you in your Prada Gucci and BCBG
b--ch I'm rich but I don't trick on GP
That's 5
dollar dresses and 10 dollar skirts
b--ch play the strip and put in work
Birds wanna
have my baby since I signed my contract
Now I got to double up in case the condom snap

(50 cent)
Look don't ask me for s--t man
I aint got nothing for you man what?

b--ch what the f--k you mean I can't sing b--ch
b--ch I'm Luther Vandross in the shower


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