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Viewing Lyrics for G-Unit:

No album artwork found
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:[50 Cent]

Yeah! 50 Cent.. Lloyd Banks.. Young Buck...
G G G G G-Unit! Haha!

[Young Buc]

Vacate your home I come to break your bones
Americas nightmare
we at it again
A desert eagle and a black mack 10
And never know what happened
we come through them cowards dont want none
They screamin’ that they murderer’s but walkin'
with no guns
Come here n---a don’t wanna die where your standin'
See im holdin' on this
cannon and your life I'm demandin'
Put the pipe to your melon and your brains on the pavement

These n---az is talkin' thinkin security gunna save ‘em
Nobody gon’ speak when
homicide pay a visit
Look you right in the eyes and tell ya "we don't know who did it"

Corrupted by street corner by shootin' at the police
The fiends up all night and the
neighbors gettin' no sleep
You betta get used to it you know how we do it
Shady Aftermath
Interscope and G-Unit.


We got action where you don't
Show up
places where you won't
G-Unit, [50 Cent] G-G-G-G, G-Unit

[50 Cent]

Now I
told ya'll on my first Dre joint I am Loco
Betta than so so the games in the choke hold

Diss me is a nono I perfected the slow flow
In D.C. they dance the gogo
In L.A.they
ride on lolo's
G-Unit in the house, oh no
You ain't ready it's heavy
65 chevy

Old school rollin' im holdin'
20 inches spinnin' from the beginnin' we winnin'
his masculinity pimpin' we not pretendin'
Drop top glock c--ked ready for the drama

Pistol's pop cop shot i'm heavy with them llama's
Non-stop make it hot we on top
You could be the hardest
We'll just be the smartest
I warn you not to
start us
We're not your average artist's
My b--ch is like a goddess
When paparazzi
spot us
Cause flick after flick same ol' s--t that I kick, haha!


[Lloyd Banks]

Guess who's back mothaf--ker gun in the clip
Ready to smack
up on these s--kas that's runnin' they lip
You can try any one of my shoes on none of ‘em fit

Your hundreds are shorter I'll tell your pops his son is a daughter
All I need is some
cigars and quarter a couple cars and a lawyer
Condom packin' a b--ch and I'll be back with a
I'm that sick, Who the hell you thought it was
I got expensive habits I can't afford
it cuz
G-Unit is poppin' and we performin' all the clubs
n---as be shovin' and pushin' as
someone is gooshin' surpise
She's givin' up the buns on her cushion
Sweatin' and screamin'
s--kin' me off the rest of the evenin'
And i'm leavin', on to the next city
Stashbox in
the bus so I can bring the techs with me
I gotta go cause i'm gettin' older you n---as ain't
gettin over


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