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Viewing Lyrics for A Lil Bit Of Everything U.T.P:

No album artwork found
Track:A Lil Bit Of Everything U.T.P
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Everytime I'm in the kitchen, you in the kitchen
Let me finish this brick, 'fore you
put that fish in
Listen, I know we just came from fishin
But I'm on a mission, you see,
there's money that I'm missin
I got 'em posted, so the move and I'm gonna murder y'all
and all the trouble goin through by servin y'all
And only cause my man heard of y'all
than that, s--t, y'all won't get served at all

[Tony Yayo]
I went from oodles and
noodles to lobster and shrimp
I went from bare bubble coats, to brand new minks
And yo my
neck upgraded, my wrist's upgraded
I stay C of F, I ain't got time for Jacob
I'm still on
the strip, tryin to get my grims off
n---a tryin to flip and its a Mexican stand off
I put a
hole in your grill, with the nine mil
Dressed in all black, lookin for souls to

[Chorus] - 2X
Little bit of dust, little bit of cocaine
Little bit of dro,
little bit of heroine
A little bit of ecstacy
That's why your b--ch want to be next to
We sell a little bit a everything

[Young Buck]
I put the two Mags, up to your
doo rag
And rockaby baby, I'm in the blue Jag with new tags, in case you wanna chase
I never
knew that, the impact, comin up out a Desert Eagle
A make a n---a wob and wiggle screamin call
my people
We got these fiends pourin liters, and they shootin needles
Need to be takin your
connection, cause we got it cheaper
s--t I ain't new to this, I met this air stewardess
knows the ins and outs on how to get it in and out, n---a

[Lloyd Banks]
Ya if I put a
dress code all black, nine hows and a laser
And the party is an ink pen, bottle, or a
Your hollerin for praise ya, catch me i

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