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Viewing Lyrics for X Files:

Artist:House Of Pain
Taken from the album The Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again by House Of Pain
Album:The Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again
Track:X Files
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Well if Jesus is your Lord
Then praise your God
If Islams your thing Allah U Akbar

And if you represent the six pointed star
Then my Heebs back home told me to say
I put grooves in the mix
I make moves like the Knicks
And take ya
straight up the lane
I block out the frame
And then I freeze it
Believe it

You need it like Heron
Before you get ya fight on
Kid get your stare on

Here come the Dondada making ghettos red hotta
I drop the boom bata like Jake Lamatta

I can single you out
And isolate ya like Mono
Im undefeated like Rocky
Hit ya right below the belt
Now ya singing saprano
Talk what ya
talk still you dont know what I know


Some fiend for aaa

Some fiend for cash
Some do the knowledge
Some do the math
Some stick
to the road
Some stray from the path
Some do the knowledge
Some do the math

Now East Coast
Money, whats the beef
Its goin down
rough like swallowin teeth
I say word to Dim Lizzy
Kid I gets busy
And Ill
knock all of y'all off this Wonderwall
Cause on a daily basis
I rock like Oasis

Bit the Beatles style from a fetus to a child
I kill fourteen billion cells puffin'
Stompin' devils on all nine levels of Hell
Check the transmission
the transition
Observe the technition
INFI(?) Nightvision
Ya hot like reels

I lace my drug deals
As you scheme to check feels
On chicks in high heels

Its all bright and sunny
When ya holdin' big money
Buy my Sonics got Youth

Plus my Muds got Honey
I can be the King of Grunge if I blows my sponge away

Heres a little black spot on a sunny day
But y'all dont care if my souls up there
come on and feel the sting from the true Pain King

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