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Viewing Lyrics for Another Day Out:

Artist:Insane Clown Posse
Taken from the album Carnival Of Carnage by Insane Clown Posse
Album:Carnival Of Carnage
Track:Another Day Out
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Got another funky rhyme
Another funky, funky rhyme
Got another funky rhyme
funky rhyme
Another funky, funky rhyme

Aw s--t, man, that's the ICP!!!
This is
my jam!!!
I'm on a psychedelic, motherf--king inter-gallactic void G!!!

Well, they let the gate up so I bail
It's been six months pick me up from the
county jail
With a smog mother payin' my dues
Steel toliets, worn blankets, and rubber
But I ain't naggin'
Here come the fellas I can hear the muffler draggin'
8 men
in the car long
And the Faygo is almost gone
My nuts are kinda hard so I need a
So my homeboy's cousin set me up with a blind date
She said "Pick me up at
Can't b--ch, the bus don't ride your street, ho
We gonna eat at Mexican
Take a cab and I'll pay the tab
And when she showed, well, I'll be
Left my wallet at home on the TV stand
Have her pay him and for dinner too
knot in my sock, it done bit you
She's all prettied up for nothing
I'm smelling like s--t
and my chin is scruffing
And I'm chewing on my food like a pitbull
Cuz I won't front for
the ho
Stuck my face in a bowl of soup
And just s--ked it all up threw my missin'
The b--ch jumped up with a boom
"I have to fix my hair" and broke to the
She's got the tab, so I go for mine
And order up some '52 vintage wine
Louie, bring a f--kin' steak with that
Motherf--kers like jail say f--k dat
She's back now
and her hair ain't fixed
Probably took a long greasy-ass smelly s--t
I ain't saying
nothing though
I ain't saying nothing bout the funkin' ho
What's up b--ch, I'm ready to
How long can one fat b--ch take?
Quite snacking and pay me saps
Cuz we goin'
home to meet her pops*

"So Joe, what is that you do for a living?"
"Aww, come on
pops, you seen me selling rocks on
Verner and Springwell. Matter fact, I think I sold
that fat b--ch in the kitchen

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