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Viewing Lyrics for Crystal Ball:

Artist:Insane Clown Posse
Taken from the album Bizzar by Insane Clown Posse
Track:Crystal Ball
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Dark Lotus Family, It's all good...

Look in my crystal ball
it's alright

Come on in, welcome, my curious sisters and brothers
First, put a
twenty in the jar with the others
(That's right, take a seat)
Ain't no smokin in here, I
need to keep my ball clear
There's spirits in there
(Whats your future, someone gonna
shoot ya?)
Will you get your girlfriend back, as if I know that
I can only tell you where
your soul is headed
And will remain eternally embedded, the rest forget it
(Life is nothin
but a test to clear)
Did you have a heart while you were here
And was it sincere?

Your still unravelling your future right now
What kinda person are ya bro? (oh, where do you
You control your own muthaf--kin' destiny
I aint lettin' the devil get the best of
(I'mma make it into Shangri La) golden walls
Whats up with you check your own crystal
Lookin my crystal ball its allright
Layback, evolve, and I'll be alright

Lookin in my crystal ball, I'm seein' thugs
Both catchin' and firin' slugs (paper for
I see a line waiting on block cheese a mile long
all tryin to be strong (It's the
same old song)
But when I'm lookin' into everybody's faces (smile)
They souls are headed
other places
And they ain't worried about payin' them dues down here
(Because they mother
f--kin' future is crystal clear)
The focus switches to you and it ain't good
All mad cause
someone rolls up out they neighborhood
Check your self, if judgment was passed
Yo, you'd
be in hell (right up in the a---ole)
The hatin' will get ya if ya let it, pack your
I hear it's hot where you headed
I'm trying to tell ya now (when the grim reaper
You dont wanna be asked out grippin' your crystal balls

Lookin my crystal
ball its alright
Layback, evolve, and I'll be alright
Lookin my crystal ball its
Layback, evolve, and I'll be alright

Look into my crystal ball its all
And everybody's frozen in time front to back
They're controlled by the matrix of
mind, body and soul
And I'm branded by the system of carnival freakshow
I see the pain and
the lies cuz nothin' is disguised
It's as simple as me seein' the death in the demon's
I'm hidin' my sight from the truth of my crystal ball
Believe me when I say that we
comin' for all of y'all
Look deep into my crystal ball
See the dead smokin' on trees and
drinkin' alchohol
Underneath the street beneath the concrete
If you listen to the night
you can hear my heart beat
All painted up carryin' an axe and s--t
Juggalo love got each
others backs and s--t
Encased in glass for the whole world to see
Am I inside, or is the
crystal ball inside of me

Lookin my crystal ball its alright (8X)
Layback, evolve,
and I'll be alright
{*fades out*}

rain comes down (Lookin my crystal ball it's
{*repeats until song ends*}

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Should we stay or runaway
That's the price we have to pay
And then before we fade to
grey, the message is love
Tell me where the sky is blue
There's a place for me and you

Believe in what can guide us through, the message is love

Rainforest can survive,
rainforest save our life
If there's a wind of change, the message is love
Protect the
seven seas, protect the helpless trees
We need the wind of change, the message is love

Black rain falling on me
Black rain is all that I see
Black rain colours the sand

Too fast - I don't understand

Black rain made out of steam
Black rain to the
Black rain - what can we do
Too fast - a nightmare comes true

prophets talking about, - our life our destiny
Rainforest's still alive, - sounds like a joke
an irony
The air smells dirty- we can all see pollution
To heal the world, - is not a
game or an illusion
We see the world hunger, not enough to eat
We close our eyes, -
walking through the lonely streets
Strange disease, - there's nothing, there's no cure

Cancer, aids - and much more we know for sure

Sometimes we get angry, there's no focus
in our life
When people get hungry, they gonna learn how to survive
homeless people, -
concealed in the street
With no hopes and no dreams, with no shoes for their feet
many guns - they have to melt they have to burn
Return to good sense, when will we ever learn

Fighting this freedom, - for everyone, for you and me
I know that this world, - is the
place, for us to be

They've got drugs for children, sniff to be free
They've got
so much corruption, this is all what I can see
Respect yourself - you don't need that pack of
You only live once and you're not coming back
Spread your arms - against the wall
you're not to small
That's all, to call, - who's next in the line to fall
This world is
in motion, - runs faster and faster
We pray for a wind of change, don't want that disaster

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