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Viewing Lyrics for Z Closing Medley:

Artist:Irving Berlin
Taken from the album Holiday Inn (1942 by Irving Berlin
Album:Holiday Inn (1942
Track:Z Closing Medley
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:Medley reprises "I'll Capture Her Heart", "You're Easy to Dance With"
and "Let's Start the New
Year Right" as sung by Bing Crosby, Fred
Astaire, and Virginia Dale:]

[BING:] Here
she comes down the street
[FRED:] I'll admit my defeat
[BING:] I've won my hot
[FRED:] Over my scarred body

[BING:] I knew that I'd win
[FRED:] But wait until she gets a load of your dancing

[BING:] We'll stay
at the inn singing
[FRED:] All by myself I'll have to stick to my

Oh, no, my friend, I'm here to end
Your dancing trouble and

This will be fun, Miss "Hit-and-Run"
Has come back into my

[BING:] We'll stay at the inn...
[FRED:] We'll have to begin...
[FRED:] Dancing!

We've each other to cling to
You'll be
easy to sing to

[FRED:] And you're easy to dance with

So let the
old year die with a fond good-bye
And our hopes as high as a kite
How can our love go
wrong if we start the new year right

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