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Viewing Lyrics for C Walk & Skip:

Artist:Jayo Felony
Taken from the album Crip Hop by Jayo Felony
Album:Crip Hop
Track:C Walk & Skip
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:[Jayo Felony]
One shot to yo f--kin dome pow!
Yeah, y'all n---as don't wanna do nuttin
with this here
b--ch aaa n---as (One Shot)
I puts it down
Rich roll,

I hit em up it ain't no stopping this, SD see me how?
B--t--ds released the
homies, cuz we getting deeper now
They call me the "Creepa Sleepa Homie" when I'm
My mission is to hurt these fools mashin assassin
I'm cold hearted with this s--t,
Malikie my alias
f--k a DJ s--k-a-d--k, they all scared to play s--t
And need me to set
trip, but peep how I mash
Ride on my foes while DJ Clue gets f--ked in the ass
He said,
"f--k KY!" ya like it dry as ya mixed tapes
All y'all s--t fake, you never retaliate
like KRS, I break n---as down to they very last compound
I stomp now I keep looking around loc,
but ain't no comp now
I guess it's just for tom ron blowin your mind
And keep trying to
run from me but you know I'm in ya mind
But you that little b--ch n---a that I'm goin to
And we I do it these hoes got to see fou' at a time, yeah

C-walk and Skip
Smoke, dip, and set trip
b--ch let me put somethin on them wet

[Jayo Felony]
Y'all rappers test me when? Cuz, test me then
Bust one and
rich roll, stroll like a pedestrian
See me, think I'm bulls--ttin?
But you know I'm hardly
And Dulo we keep Crippin
Chronic and let ya sippin
Don't talk, move in silence
and watch the f--kin phone
I wish one of you b--ches would try to come up to my f--kin
These boys is serious over turf and they rag
We should do five for two, and both your
No more breathing cowards, ya leaving, ya seeing, believe me
It's easy, get rid of
these marks and breath freely
And I don't want yo p---y, b--ch just give me the lips
you can sell that s--t to him b--ch, just give me the chips
And we gon' keep doin it
Don't try us unless you doin it big
Can't blame me for all the dirt n---as did
didn't really wanna go there and hurt n---a's kids
But s--t, I'm like it and got in ya hoopty
and slid, b--ch

I C-walk and Skip
Smoke, dip, and set
b--ch let me put somethin on them wet lips

[Jayo Felony]
Don't grow up to
be a snitch and trade to somebody that'd fade ya
Get away wit it now, bound to catch up wit ya
Y'all gon' swang to this, I bring it how they love it
Ya can't away from it, these
bustas is scared of it
I'm known for servin n---as, they rated it thunder dog
I'm on ya
like CJ Mac; they labeled us underdogs
Chuck Taylors, croaker sacks, Romeos, wallacies
you ain't down with the camp, b--ch you can swallow these
It's nothin I bring the
Like method migraines
A threat to the top of the food chain, I'm Wu mane
Get ya
s--t right, or get folded and crumbled up
Now I got the ball, n---a who dropped and fumbled
Its one shot kill 'em loc, I never did feel 'em
Drill 'em all with holes; kill 'em
with all of those
I wasn't even gon' blast 'em till the muthaf--ka froze
Now I'm laughin
at the party, b--ch you know how it goes, I said

I C-walk and
Smoke, dip, and set trip
b--ch let me put somethin on them wet

One Shot to ya dome like that, it don't stop
Jayo Felony, put it
down for life
Stop bitin my s--t, Crip Hop b--ch
Stop runnin n---a

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