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Viewing Lyrics for Jam On It:

Artist:Jermaine Dupri
Taken from the album Assorted by Jermaine Dupri
Track:Jam On It
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:(feat. Cardan)

Coola lover make you bounce to this
L-A make you bounce to this

Everybody we gonna bounce to this
Gonna rock to this

[Verse 1: Cardan]

Yo, yo it's a Harlem World thing
So grab something
Asks for dimes and up, if not have
But come shake them hips like waiters take them tips
And bring half of the world
I got plenty of space to fit
Except for me I makes you boogie
Boogie to the beat
beat bang boogie, I gotta party in the street
No Bacardi with heat, but a party full of
Jammin till I feel it in the bottom of my feet
Now dance if you gotta
your pants if you gotta
Scream Cardan out in France if you gotta
Shake with me

Motivate, sweatigate, feel straight
Wake up in the morning at eight
I tell my baby girl,
it's a whirl
I came here to party
Tell her friend, I'm a tell mine and we gone start
J-D know all our hoes come to our doors
And the dance floor get to jam some more

Jam on it, jam on it
If you got what it takes just flaunt it
All my
ladies in the house you want it
And all my fellas in the house get on it

[Verse 2: Jermaine Dupri]

Never see me in a watch without the rocks and the
And the band on the level
n---as can't understand I'm the one you watch in the club
all all night
On the top hoes love and call all night
It's the C-H-I-CHIO yo
With the
drop with the pedal to the floor
Hoes come to me and get dressed, what they lookin for?

Lookin fly and I'm a die gettin mo doe
n---as know I don't talk, I show in a flash
don't exagerate cash in my heavyweight class
Get the aaa y'all dream about
Hear n---as
sing about
I ain't ever seen without
The dance floors packed and burnin up
cats on they back as I turn it up
Now tell me what yall wanna do
Get down and get ran
That's how this little man do


[Verse 3: Cardan]

Now, now, now for my ladies keep dancin
Fellas keep boppin
Shake what your mama gave and
it don't stop wit it
Move side to side it wit it
Rock wit it
So much space you fit
the whole block in it
So get on down, get on down
Now Harlem World it's on now, it's on
Jam with me till you fill it in your middle back bone
If you fifteen to fifty you aint
gotta act drone
One thing you got to give em (ass)
A little bit of rhythym (right)

Make em move from side to side then spin em (no lies)
I get em from the side or the middle

As long as I can turn sunshine into a drizzle
Cardan, so when I close
I say amen to the
god that brought me here
Made the world so fear
Oh yeah, I'm bout to rock for this whole
In this big city of rap, unless it's Joe Clear

[Hook 2X]

Rock and
roll with me, uh
Cardan make you bounce to this, uh
J-D, uh rock with me
Kam, uh, now
rock with me
Say what, say what rock with me,uh
So So Def, uh, rock with me
on,uh-huh, Harlem World,uh-huh, rock, come on, come on
LA, uh-huh, VA, uh-huh, DC, uh-huh,
uh-huh, uh-huh
HEL, come on, come on, come on
Rock with me, rock with me, rock with me
Say what, say what, rock with me, come on baby baby just rock with me
Cardan, uh-huh,
come on
J-D, come on
Uh-huh [till fade]

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