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Viewing Lyrics for Ha Hot Boy Remix:

Taken from the album 400 Degreez by Juvenile
Album:400 Degreez
Track:Ha Hot Boy Remix
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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You a paper chaser You got your block on fire
Remaining a g until
the moment you expire
You know what it is yo make nothing out of something
handle your biz and don't be cryin and suffering

You better run for it run for it

Verse 1:Juvenile

You been known for f--king it up Ha them bas
aaa 20's on your truck Ha
Cost seven and up Ha you try'n to label out that place Ha

Make sure you got your money straight Ha, before its too late Ha
You want your Momma
living good HA, move your children out the hood Ha
To up in the woods Ha, Baby post seventy
off the hook HA,
Manny Fresh has positons that suppose to be up in the book Ha,

Juvenile got them looks Ha, but you to scared to f--k with him cause he
be running with them
crooks HA,
I'm the one Ha, stick a fork in that n---a cause he's done Ha,
flappin the tounge HA
you got a probation hole Ha, you got money for bail
So now you
ready to roll HA,
you bout to buy you a car HA, a 99 HA,
one that look something
like mine HA.

Chorus (repeat)

Verse 2: (Lil Turk of Hot Boy$)

We got this thing locked Ha, Cash Money can't be stopped Ha
Them Hot Boy$ to
hot Ha, and you like my Rolex watch Ha
And the way I hit the block Ha, and cause flaws with
glocks Ha
And you like it when we Stunt Ha, smoking blunts Ha
You be loving them
gold fronts Ha, we millioniares Ha
Not far from Billionaires Ha, got different broads
everywhere Ha

(Lil Wayne of Hot Boy$)
You ain't heard about Lil Wayne, then
get your T.V.on lock Ha
Shorty with the braids for Cash Money goin pop Ha
I burn Ha,
the hammer sits Ha, here cones the blitz Ha
A remix Ha, they from the Nolia, I'm from the
Coop Ha
And you can catch me with Tolas and Mario Ha
I represent for 2-2-6 Ha, It's
guranteed to be foolish Ha

Chorus (Repeat)

Verse 3: (B.G. aka Baby

You n---as know I'm bout my biz Ha, you n---as scared for me to be in

The presence of their b--ch Ha, you know I would raw d--k her Ha
Take naked pictures
Ha, then call up my clique and straight flip her Ha
You know my click number one stunners
Ha, you know we bout it
Flexin'n Lexus', Benz's and Hummers Ha, you know you f--k with me
dead Ha, but, don't lie, I f--ked your baby momma and you feel played Ha
know that jail house is something Ha, b--ch n---as be bucking but, when
Go down they run to
the b--ton Ha, you know the B.G. ain't right Ha
You love your ho but, she don't want to get
it right and keep it right Ha
It's goin down in 99 Ha, you know 4 show that it's Cash Money
time to
Shine Ha, you know I play the game raw Ha, you know you snitch and I'ma take

This beef s--t far Ha

Chorus (Repeat

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