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Viewing Lyrics for Ha (Jay-Z Remix):

Artist:Juvenile F/ Jay-Z
Taken from the album Assorted by Juvenile F/ Jay-Z
Track:Ha (Jay-Z Remix)
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Bounce, bounce, bounce
J-j-j-j-j-Juvenile and Jigga
The remix

You at the point of no return, ha
If your daddy get out the way with you,

you gon to let him learn, ha
Life's a b--ch, ha
n---as be fakin but you ain't givin em
s--t, ha
You stealin the bricks, ha
You got a wife and three kids, ha
But you be
f--kin around right in the neighborhood you live, ha
You own a truck, ha
With tv's and
cd's rimmed up, ha
f--kin em up, ha
You won't be stuntin on your cell, ha
Get your
partner some money orders and commence to jail, ha
You bout ready to roll a draw, ha
of that drove, ha
You bout to get you some more, ha
You that n---a with all that cheese,
You that n---a that whipped that girl and she called the police, ha
You understand,
You ain't gon cry like a b--ch, you gon be a man, ha
Where ever you stand, ha

[Chorus] X 2
You a paper chaser, you got your block on fire
Remaining a G until the
moment you expire
You know what it is, to make nothing outta something
You handle your biz
and don't be crying and suffering

You done got yourself in some deep
Now you stuck in your house, you gotta peep the remix
You can't go out cuz they gon
leave you in a deep ditch
And hit you with the sign if you decide to keep s--t
The only
reason you alive cuz you read lips
and you drove on the block low in yo' seat an' s--t

Seen em mouthin off, they don't need this s--t
Now they sick of you duckin, dodgin, and weavin
and s--t
How they call you when you don't return they beeps
Now they ready to kill you and
all your peeps
You done f--ked around with some wild n---as
You done f--ked off the dough
and Juvenile and Jigga's
You better get it back, or sleep where the river's at
They send
shots through your fifty cap
They got big guns that go brrrrrrrap, brrrrrrrap, brrrrap

Where your n---as at?

[Chorus] X 2

You gotta get up off your
ass, ha
And make the cash, ha
And stay away from them bags, ha
Two and two done come
together, ha
Juvi and Jigga, ha
Straight up guerrillas, ha
That n---a Manny Fresh a
fool, ha
He be playin it to the b--ches on every song he do, ha
My f--kin album going
plat, ha
You bought the tape, ha
Tell em ain't none of it fake, ha
You got a shipment
coming in, ha
During the week, ha
Got a little something for me, ha
You boy and them
be drawin heat, ha
But that's your wootie so you gotta find you someone to creep, ha
tired of livin fast, ha
Your boy hit the stash, ha
Now you wanna go bust his ass, ha

You keep it real, ha
You don't f--k with no n---a but you will kill, ha
You know how it
feel, ha

[Chorus] X 2

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[DJ Clue]
New s--t, Nature
(Yo, yo Nate, you gon do this for Queens,this one here for
Queens yanawmean?)
(Yo Nature gon rip this down, for Clueminatti and the whole Queens)

It's the, DJ CLUE
(We gon spit this one for the 1999)

Aiyyo, I got a
b--ch buy me 'dro, a b--ch buy me clothes
A b--ch that can't cook, stay burnin Sloppy
Olive Oyl legs, even them stocky hoes
b--ches that I used to beep, but forget they
They stay frontin, no kissin, strictly face f--kin
I get em drunk in my room, and
keep Mase bumpin
The one wit Total, your friends might of told you
I violate menage's,
pimp game be bi-coastal
Officialize one's high fold you, run and tell em next
Cuz only
some become gremlettes
I never spend for s--, strictly rainy days
Strictly wit the fat
ass, backshots made me spray
Like the shotty pump, they tried to tie me up
And want to
spend the night, every time we f--k
Get a snooze on, cum stains in a futon
It ain't a
game, still you run when the food's gone
Now who is wrong

When I spit,
you spit, hot shh, new shh
Exclusive, Nature, Clue shh
When you spit, I spit, new shh, hot
Exclusive, Jungle, watch this
When I spit, you spit, hot shh (DJ Clue), new shh

(The Professional), exclusive, Nature, Clue shh
When you spit, I spit, new shh, hot shh

Exclusive (STUPID!!), Jungle watch this

Got a fiend that owes me ten, a
fiend that owes a buck
Got a decent job, pay they debts slow as f--k
Catch em in the
street, ?mo fit? up, say "come on you b--ch"
It's only money I'm involved wit

Calculations, foreclose homes out in Vegas
I run wit TM, meanin b--ches pay us, it's
CLK's, rims ill, tinted up, pullin b--ches wit bird s--t on the windshield

Hoppin out, n---as front, we knock em out
Like a smooth boxer, writin new how shh

Generatin paper like Lou Gosset
Makin moves while your crew gossip
Read about us, raw shh,
our feats'll doubt us
n---as talk shh, a team of cowards
Need to stop frontin when there's
nuttin to do
Nuttin new, n---as is comin for you
Yeah, it's 1998, Nature somethin for

Chorus 2x *with Clue shoutouts*

[DJ Clue]
You know how we do it,
Queens style
Every trip, haha

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