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Viewing Lyrics for Halloween:

Artist:Kennedys Dead
Taken from the album Plastic Surgery Disasters by Kennedys Dead
Album:Plastic Surgery Disasters
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:So it's Halloween
And you feel like dancin'
And you feel like
And you feel like letting loose

Whatcha gonna be?

Babe, you better know
And you better plan
Better plan all

Better plan all week
Better plan all month

Better plan all year

You're dressed up like a clown
Putting on
your act
It's the only time all year
You'll ever admit that

I can see your eyes
I can see your brain
Baby nothing's

You're still hiding in a mask
take your fun seriously
No, don't blow this year's chance
Tomorrow your
mold goes back on

After Halloween

You go to work today

You'll go to work tomorrow
s--tfaced tonight
You'll brag about
it for months

Remember what I did
Remember what I was

Back on Halloween

But what's in between?
Where are your
You sit around and dream
For next Halloween

Why not everyday?
Are you so afraid
What will people say


After Halloween

Because your roll is planned for
There's nothing you can do

But stop and think it through

But what will your boss say to you

And what will your girlfriend say to

And what will people out on the street they might glare at you

And whadya know? You're pretty self-conscious too

So you run back and stuff
yourselves in rigid business costumes
Only at night to score is your leather uniform
Why don't you take your social regulations
And shove 'em up your

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