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Viewing Lyrics for Jock O Rama Invasion Of The Beef Patrol:

Artist:Kennedys Dead
Taken from the album Frankenchrist by Kennedys Dead
Track:Jock O Rama Invasion Of The Beef Patrol
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:words & music by Biafra

You really like gorillas?
We've got just the pet for
It's the way you're forced to act
To survive our schools

Make your whole
life revolve around sports
Walk tough--don't act too smart
Be a mean machine
we'll let you get ahead

Jock-O-Rama--Save my soul
We're under the thumb of the
Beef Patrol
The future of America is in their hands
Watch it roll over Niagara

Pep rally in the holy temple
And you're forced to go
Masturbate en
With the favored religious cult

Cheerleaders yell--Ra Ra Team
From the
locker room parades the prime beef
When archaeologists dig this up
They'll either laugh or

Jock-O-Rama--On the brain
Redneck-a-thon driving me insane
The future
of America is in their hands
Watch it roll over Niagara Falls

Unzip that old-time
On the almighty football field
Beerbellies of all ages
Come to watch the
gladiators bleed

"Now boys, this game ain't played for fun
You're going out there to
How d'ya win?
get out there
And snap the other guy's knee!"

Beat 'em
up! Beat 'em up!
Ra Ra Ra
Snap those spinal cords
Ha Ha Ha

The star
quarterback lies injured
Unconscious on the football field
Looks like his neck's been
Seems to happen somewhere every year

His mom and dad clutch themselves and
Their favorite son will never walk again
Coach says, "That boy gave a hundred
What spirit
What a man"

But who cares?
Games over--Let's go get
wasted man
To the 7-11, to the liquor store
Let's party all night and party some

Another Trans-Am
Wrapped itself around a telephone pole
"I ain't drunk,
I just fell gettin' out of my car"

Don't worry about it, son
We were
that way when we were young
You've got all the skills
To make a damn good

Jock-O-Rama--that's the law
Come lick the b--ts of the Beef
If the future of America is handed to them
Watch it roll over Niagara Falls

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