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Viewing Lyrics for H.I.P.H.O.P:

No album artwork found
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:[KRS] Yeah that? the one -- yo Thor-El just just check your mic

Verse One:

So you wanna be the million dollar man, kid what? your plan
Make a deal with
the devil settle for a hundred grand
Not enough I call your bluff, hit you with the
Deal with this and think you?e tough, gimme a call when things get rough
You get no
Vette and, if I could stay leaded
I? leavin rappers one-legged from fakin like the
you?e artificial by cripple, rap is like your pistol
Grim Reaper, I got the
whistle, death I pull no tissue
Hit you, like the Mac-11, MC? subtract by seven
callin for the reverand, lookin at hell like heaven
I? on the map, makin it like the crazy on
the track
Oh what the hell I get my mail while I raid you til it crack

Chorus: KRS and

H, I, P, H, O, P, we are
H, I, P, H, O, P, we are

Verse Two:

C?on, uhh
Dead two in the head before some A

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