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Viewing Lyrics for C Walk:

Taken from the album Kuruption by Kurupt
Track:C Walk
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:featuring Tray Deee

yeah this for the west coast cd
let me
clear my throat
check it out check it out check it out
we gonna drop it like this

this album is the best of both worlds
Kurupt Daz Dilly this for the westcoast side
Young Gotti
Dont forget about Tray Deee and Snoop this for the westcoast one

verse 1: Kurupt

saggin n---a g'd up sippin
sip n---a dip n---a
set trip n---a
gotta grip n---a, getta grip n---a with tha gang
and rollin with tha
alpine bangin
homie whatcha got? a couple sacs to sell
went from weed and dope to
mics ta sell
hit a switch n---a
dont f--k around wit b--ch n---az
im a money
cash n---a
cash gettin, hash hitten
gang bang afiliate
hit a stick real
and in a minute start killin s--t real quick
ima million dollar motherf--kin
n---a (million dollar motherf--kin n---a)
i thought you knew about it
bout it bout
it do ya got it
now tha homies bout it, ima bout ta do this
hit a lick they hit back
wit some new s--t
then have a gangster reunion, the homie told me (wut he say?)
cha' boogie on youngsta, c-walk homie

get cha' walk on, c-walk
homie, c-walk homie
get cha' walk on, c-walk homie

Verse 2: Tray Deee

yeah ima tell you like this Kurupt, you know how it was for me
been regarded as the
hardest since i hit the set
young n---a with a rep, kept that gangsta step
sacs of blue cordiroy with house shoes on
flawssin for the hoodrats gettin my groove on

hangin in the park till all hours of dark
tryna catch a mark slippin wit this thang
that bark
cry baby on the swamp got the exit locked
and aint no doubt comin out he
gone wreck ya not
pass me the satin locs so i can wet my throat
while i sag the blue
khakiswit tha raoder coat
all the hoes really want is gangstaz just like us
ruff and
dont give a f--k aint that right Kurupt (thas right)
stay bangin on these n---az on a
regular basis
big paper chasin, facin felony cases
made it to be famous, livin hard
and dangerous
steppin on these bustaz wit my blue chuck taylors


Verse 3: Slip Capone

you know that ganstaz rock, gangstaz roll

heres the gangsta s--t, we on a gangsta stroll
its gangstaz ride, gangstaz slide

then the gangstaz rob with the gangsta glide
cuz gangstaz move, and gangstaz groove

and most gangstaz got nuthin ta lose
gangstaz live, and gangstaz die
form a gang and the gang multiply
gangstaz give a f--k a g, dont ask why
dont snitch, and gangstaz dont cry
gangstaz boogie, gangstaz don't dance
pull the strap out cha' pants and blast
gangstaz don't run, and gangstaz don't hide

ima gangsta aaa n---a from the sick southside
thats how i know exactly what a gangsta do

ya love the gangsta s--t aint you a gangsta too?
then c-walk homie


c-walk homie
Slip Capone, c-walk homie
O.G. Tray
Deee, c-walk homie
Kurupt, that n---a Daz, Soopafly, now walk on 'em
c-walk homie,
c-walk homie, now walk on 'em

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