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Viewing Lyrics for H! Vltg3:

Artist:Linkin Park
No album artwork found
Track:H! Vltg3
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Verse 1:
ive been diggin into crates, ever since i was livin' in space
before the rat race,
before monkies had human traits
i mastered numerology, and big bang theology
lobotomies with telekenetic psycology
invented the mic, so i could start blessin it,
checkin kids to make my point like an impressionest
many men have tried to shake us,
but i
twist mic cords and double helixes
and show them what im made of.
i buckle knees like leg
braces, cast a spell of instrumentalists
and all you emcees who hate us, so you can try
I'll leave you without a shoulder to cry on
from now to infinity let icons be
i fire bombs, ghostly notes haunt this
i tried threats, but moved on to a
i stomp s*** with or without an accomplice
and run the gaunlet with whoever that
wants this

High voltage
(the unforgetable sound)
(bringin' you up and takin you down)
high voltage
(comin at you from every
high voltage
(makin the rhythm and rhyme collide)

Verse 2:
I put a kink
in the backbones, with clones and microphones
never satisfy my rhyme jones
sprayin bright
day over what you might say
my blood type's krylon technicolor type A
on highways ripe with
road rage, cages are winding, cages of tin that bounce
all around
surround sound, devouring
the scene subliminal gangrene paintings overall the
same thing.

sing-song karaoke copy
bulls***, break bones verbally with sticks and stone
4th demension, combat
convention, write rhymes at ease while the track stands
at attention
ment to put you away,
with the pencil pistol, official, 16 lines a rhyme
missle, while you risk it all, i'll pick out
all your flaws, sp

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