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Viewing Lyrics for The Blue Mask:

No album artwork found
Track:The Blue Mask
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:They tied his arms behind his back, to teach him how to swim
They put blood in his coffee and
milk in his gin
They stood over the soldier, in the midst of the squalor
There was war in
his body and it caused his brain to holler

Make the sacrifice, mutilate my face
If you
need someone to kill
I'm a man without a will
Wash the razor in the rain, let me luxuriate
in pain
Please don't set me free
Death means a lot to me

The pain was lean and it
made him scream
He knew he was alive
He put a pin through the n----es on his chest
thought he was a saint
I've made love to my mother, killed my father and brother
What am I
to do
When a sin goes too far, it's like a runaway car
And cannot be controlled
upon his face and scream: There is no Oedipus today
This is no play you're thinking you are
What will you say
Take the blue mask down from my face
And look me in the eye
get a thrill from punishment, I've always been that way
I loathe and despise repentance
are permanently stained
Your weakness and indifference and indiscretion in the
Dirty's what you are and clean is what you're not
You deserve to be soundly

Make the sacrifice, take it all the way
There is no ' won't ' high enough
stop this desperate day
Don't take death away, cut the finger at the joint
Cut the stallion
at his mount
And stuff it in his mouth

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