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Viewing Lyrics for The Power Of Positive Drinking:

No album artwork found
Track:The Power Of Positive Drinking
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Some like wine and some like hops
but what I really love is my scotch
It's the power, the
power of positive drinking

Some people ruin their drinks with ice
and then they, they
ask you for advice
They tell you, "I've never told anyone this before"

They say: "Candy
is dandy but liquor makes quipsters."
and I don't like mixers, or sippers or sob
You know, you have to be real careful where you sit down
in a bar these

And then some people drink to unleash their libidos
and other people drink to prop
up their egos
It's my burdon, man, people say
I have the kind of face you can

The pow pow pow pow power of positive drinking X5

Some people say, alcohol
makes you less lucid
and think that's true if you're kind of stupid
I'm not that kind that
get's himself burned twice

And some say liquor kills the cells in your head
and for
that matter so does getting out of bed
When I exit, I'll go out gracefully, shot in my

The pow pow pow pow power of positive drinking [x5]

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