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Viewing Lyrics for Young Genocides:

Artist:Mellencamp John Cougar
Taken from the album The Kid Inside by Mellencamp John Cougar
Album:The Kid Inside
Track:Young Genocides
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Written by John Mellencamp

Destiny shares the eyes of the young genocides
that are still alive
Their success has been so well disguised, yeah
And on their face, is
a razors blank stare
As if to know their destiny is going no where ??
But no where is not
so hard to bare
Where their parents can decide
Hand and hand they walk together
their broken pride
Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers
And the whole world to decide
Desperately searching and dangerously.....
I deserve ....
Not much worse than they
are, of the young genocides
Facing the world with your back to the wall
Its hard to feel
important at all
The Grand Illusion that'll never come
Its disguised itself as tomorrow

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The Shanty Boy and the Farmer's Son

(Collected by Ellen Stekert from Ezra "Fuzzy"
Barhight, Recorded
by Stekert 1958 on Songs of a New York Lumberjack, Folkways
Gibney sings "The Irish Girl" to the same tune)

As I strolled out one evening as the sun
was going down,
I strolled along quite carelessly till I come to Scranton town.
There I
overheard two ladies, as slowly I passed by
One said she loved her farmer's son, the other a
shanty boy.

Now the one that loved the farmer's son, these words I heard her
The reason why she loved him, at home with her he'd stay.
He would stay at home all
winter, to the woods he would not go
And when the spring it did come in, his land he'd plow and

"Now as for plowing and sowing your land," the other one did say,
"If your
crops should prove a failure, your debts you could not pay.
If your crops should prove a
failure, or your grain market be low,
The sheriff ofttimes would sell those crops for to pay
the debts you

"Now, there's no need of going in debt when you own a good
For every day you earn your bread, not work through rain or storm.
For every day you
earn your bread, not work through storm or rain,
While the shanty boy works hard all day his
family to maintain."

"Now I don't like this soft talk," this other one did say,
some of them they are so green the cows would eat for hay;
How plainly you can tell him, when
he rolls into town,
You'll hear them cry out from a small boy up 'Why d--k, how are you


"Now I do like my shanty boy that goes out in the fall,
For he is tough
and rugged, and fit to stand the squall;
He gets big pay all winter and in the spring when he
comes down,
His money with me he will spend free while the mossback sons have


"Well here is to your shanty boy, I hope you'll pardon me
And of my ignorant
mossback, I'll try now and get free;
And if ever I gain my liberty, with a shanty boy I'll
And I'll leave that ignorant mossback with his land to plow

filename[ SHANTYBO

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