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Viewing Lyrics for HARDSHIPS:

Taken from the album WICKED RHYMES by MENACE
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:Many people don't know the hardships of life. I guess i'm just one of them that doesn't care, but
every time we're out there we put our lifes on the line........

verse 1(menace)
busy in life with these dilemmas
it's so hard so i blow them off, forget about them, y cambio
el tema
the world is full of danger so to stay alive tienes que quitarte esa pena
I don't
wish death to anybody cuz there ain't no coming back from that
I guess it happens to people who
dedicate their lifes talking crap
not knowing what will happen to them til they dissappear off
the map
I just take on my challenges and never look back
wondering out in the streets
means you better be strapped
or you'll be lying on a coffin forever taking a nap
no reason for anyone to be under these circumstances
so if you want to, good luck, take your
I guess it's just best to have an attitude like, s--t, conmigo nadie la hace
smoke mota but i never do the pase
all this s--t does is f--k you up and your
transporting and selling means a long time in the pen
so many people have gotten
locked up and have never seen the light again
it's changed the views of many people so they try
to change with the time that still remains
that's why so many people have backed out of the
trying to stop the hardships, it's hard, but i'ma do the

we just don't know
the hardships of this world
cabrones, it's hard, it's not like you were told
but anything is possible, and that you better
to get rid of the hardships is what we're trying to achieve

The world is never gonna change, so many people await the day of their
thugs and gangstas responsible, they see them take their last breath
a bloody death
caused by people who resolve their problems by murderin'
they don't realize that their families
are the ones they're truly hurtin'
filling them with so much rage that their hearts start
they start cursin'
pero por eso es que debes cuidarte de la gente
no seas
pendejo y usa tu la mente
you don't wanna end up like them, who to death they have been
if i could change everything I wouldn't waste no time n---a, i'd just change
but problems and problems is all that i hear
our people should stand up and get rid of
the fear
and people like me will make that moment come near
one way is with this rhyme i'm
writtin' here
another is if our raza sticks together and sais" this is it"
start bustin on
n---as who have been causing this s--t
we'll take actions and not tell you to stop cuz we'll
just be wasting our spit
we'll destroy you, the way you destroyed the others and to death
you'll be condemed
I don't worry anymore cus I have all of my friends
and to get rid of
the hardships, it's hard, but i'ma do the same.


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