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Viewing Lyrics for Once And For All:

Artist:Menken Alan
Taken from the album Newsies Soundtrack by Menken Alan
Album:Newsies Soundtrack
Track:Once And For All
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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This is the story you wanted to write
Well, tonight is the night that you

Just get this done and by dawn's early light
You can finish the fight
you began

This time we're in it to stay

Think about
seizing the day

Think of that train
As she rolls into old
Santa Fe
Tell 'em I'm on my way.

See old man Pulitzer snug in his
He don't care if we're dead or alive
Three satin pillows are under his head
we're begging for bread to survive

Joe, if you're still counting sheep
Wake up and
read 'em and weep!
You got your thugs with their sticks and their slugs
Yeah, but we got a
promise to keep!

Once and for all
Something tells me the tide will be
Once and for all
There's a fire inside me that won't stop burning

that the choices are clear
Now that tomorrow is hear
Watch how the mighty will
For once and for all!

This is for kids shining shoes on the street
With no
shoes on their feet every day
This is for guys sweating blood in the shops
While the
bosses and cops look away

This is to even the score
This ain't just newsies no
This ain't just kids with some pie in the sky
This is do it or die
This is

Once and for all
We'll be there to defend one another
Once and for
Every kid is our friend
Every friend, a brother

Five thousand fists in the
Five thousand reasons to try!

We're going over the wall
Better to die than
to crawl
Either we stand or we fall
For once ... once and for all

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