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Viewing Lyrics for Caesars Palace:

Artist:Morbid Angel
Taken from the album Domination by Morbid Angel
Track:Caesars Palace
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:(Music : Azagthoth / Lyrics : Vincent)

Just close your eyes... can you remember
generations not so long ago
I feel the shameless urge that we must restore
Our former king
to his rightful throne
And with me lords and maidens
We wait for the chosen sons

I come alive
Its a time for celebration
Our will to restore
our past become the future once more

Still he lives ! 2000 years have passed
still were yearning for his return
We fulfill a wishful prophecy
And so the chanting
begins :
Hail Caesar... Hail Caesar... we render unto you
What is still yours

Share the wish as it must be
Our king and palace ... mode it be !
Gods enslaved, traitors
Might and splendor forever return

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