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Viewing Lyrics for Hoe Blow:

No album artwork found
Track:Hoe Blow
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Doo doo s--ts, uhh
The s---pert.. check it

I'm pulling off your
Start tongue kissin you and then I cough in your mouth
Walk in your house
slaughtered the mound of your daughter or spouse
Have them snorting an ounce
'til they are
walking on all fours like a hounds
Walk in the f--kin ladies room and penetrate her
While the hookers sprays her perfume, demonstrate a broom
You hoes will choke, when you
float my boat
My cum will coat your throat like the milk from a goat
Put my notorious d--k
in-between your glorious tits
Wanna know a Secret I'm s--kin Victoria's clit
My tongue
got you on some state of euphoria s--t
f--k you with my warriors fist, is who a b--ch?
screamin like a horror flick
when I put my d--k where the b--ch's manure sits
I slide
through like s--t
And all you f--kin wenches that love to French kiss
You love the drenching
stench of men's p---
You find it adventurous
takin like ten d--ks right in your
What bout my Jimi Hendrix?
It's my press kit, dead sick
f--kin a chick with an
asbestos covered breadstick
The sleaze..
I'll grab the aaa of the neighbourhood
and give a good squeeze
Holdin your head, with both of my hands, as you s--k
could snap your f--kin neck if you say you ain't down to f--k

(Chorus: Necro
Your c--t looks so good and my d--k is ready - Hoe Blow

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