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Viewing Lyrics for Your f--kin Head Split:

No album artwork found
Track:Your f--kin Head Split
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Yeah uh
Yo this the s--t right here
Yo this make me wanna kill somebody
this s--t up real f--king loud

Drinking the bile out ya pancreas the
Cancerous spoken lyricist pack a shank on the hips
You a skanky b--ch slit ya wrist
and clittoris
If your inhibited I'll p--- in ya syphillis and get p---ed
Mr.Death Dr.Demise
Surgeon Slice
You'll die really slow if you don't appreciate life
You wack if you dont
appreciate knives
The way a knife slices precise the trife it's a demonic device
The chronic
you light inhale for those in jail
To those that beef get impaled and buried in snails
brains charred like burnt flesh and scarred
Ripping ya b-----t apart digest ya

Chorus: repeat 2X

Kid you know you can't f--k with this
you know my s--t's too sick
Kid you know you can't f--k with this
Might get ya whole f--kin
head split

Terrorize ya whole clit make s--k ya own tits
And spit the
cancer out grab a glock; call me Sir Manson-a-Lot
Blow ya brains on the seats varicose veins on
the streets
Cocaine bustin weed kill you slowly it's a must you bleed
Pop a vein in ya skull
from the stress feelin numb in ya chest
Anxiety attack murder you with a variety
An axe a
mack a black jack a back crack
Right upside ya f--kin head for talking s--t about this
You bled sadistic and red my biscuit pumps lead
c--k it obnoxious get chopped up in
I'm toxic my topics are gothic
Morbidity you can't get rid of me
the reason that
humidity is s--ttin me
So kill ya'self and write a note
Right before the noose wraps tight
around ya throat
Ya windpipe is choked
New York is full

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