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Viewing Lyrics for I Need Drugs:

No album artwork found
Track:I Need Drugs
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:* parody of LL Cool J's ";I Need Love";

When I come home from work
I'm fiendin' for an
I got crack on my mind
I'm hearing cocaine call
Telling me to beep the dealer
to deliver me stuff
Keep it a secret from my wife, cuz she thinks I don't use drugs
There I
was, bleeding from my nose and damn
I couldn't breathe but I'm still thinking about the next
It's Friday night and I'm not trying to leave my crib doped
I'll kill myself while the
dealer's eating Japanese food
I ain't got no pride, I'm buying this s--t
I'm lying to myself
telling the runner I'm trying to quit
It's all make believe, I pretend that I'm ??
When you
give me credit, I'm dodging you every chance that I get
Even if its good, I'll sniff it up in a
Beep you back complain that you put too much cut in it
If you fall for that and bring
me a new sack
I'll be making more crazy faces than Jim Carrey on crack
Cuz yo I'm ripped, I
owe you loot
Plus I annoy you
I deserve to be murdered, but the coke is doing it for
I got nerve, can you put them pills on my bill
Yo I'll you we're friends and we don't
even chill
I need drugs

I need drugs

Baking soda, cocaine, how sweet
need to find me a crack pipe and I'm complete
I got these crack dealers chasing me through the
cement jungle
Cuz they gave me s--t to sell and yo I smoked the whole bundle
Yo I can't
front - I got dope in my spleen
And I'm telling everyone at this N.A. meeting I'm thirty days
I won't die even with tuberculosis
I could go on forever mixing dope with my method
You could find me at Brighton Beach or Coney Island
Or Rikers Island
My crack

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