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Viewing Lyrics for The Day Everything Became Nothing:

Taken from the album The Day Everything Became Nothing by Nomeansno
Album:The Day Everything Became Nothing
Track:The Day Everything Became Nothing
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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The day everything became nothing, I was standing underneath a
wishing I had a cigarette. I can't recall anything
unusual about it. If there was something
in the air, if the skies had
clouded over, I wasn't aware, I was too bored to care. No
roared. No lightning cracked. No missiles rained from the sky. This
was no
sneak attack. There was just suddenly this awful lack. Things
had changed, that's for

The day everything became nothing, you couldn't put your finger on
what had
gone wrong. The alleys were still dirty; the garbage still
smelled; there was no panic in the
streets; just a lot of grief--in
people's faces, in their eyes--a mixture of horror and total
This was no apocalypse. No one heard a voice from the sky, there were
miracles at the 7-Eleven, no one screamed, no one even asked why.
It was just like everything
had somehow, quietly died. So let it die!

I can't recall much of what happened next. I
was on my way to visit
this woman I knew. All we had in common was good s--, and now
couldn't even remember her address. A group of us, just strangers,
got together and we
formed a committee to discuss the problem. We
talked about things like assured mutual
destruction and emotional
responsibility. I couldn't remember my name, so I called myself
It's weird being a Bob, but I'll get used to it. I have to

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