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Viewing Lyrics for Hold Up:

Artist:Peanut b--ter Wolf
Taken from the album My Vinyl Weighs a Ton by Peanut b--ter Wolf
Album:My Vinyl Weighs a Ton
Track:Hold Up
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:featuring Rasco

Verse 1:
Yo check
I capital punish brothers that
Can only write rhymes any time they get blunted
We be at the spot chillin

While you're stealin
n---as is still walkin Rasco is four wheelin
Only built
for speed yes indeed
27 years old with no seed
I'm a raw breed
But still
got mouths to feed
So don't be givin me s--t I don't need
I make the head hurt

>From the supadupa legwork
Now these brothas be wantin the red shirt
I bring
it to the chest when I suppass the rest
Now a different story when I come blast the vest

Teflon spittin and written, I stab kitten
Comin out your face
Sideways, it's
Better get the guiden
I swopped like Batmidden
Soon as n---as open
they mouth I start s--ttin
Right down they neck, they threw the whole nine
Seen you
fools scopin my plans the whole time
Said I couldn't rhyme, that's funny
didn't want it but now they yell honey
Bring 'em to the house
Watch 'em come out the
Unzip the pants then watch the snake dance
Assume the stance, cash in advance

I got the full package but watch the right hand

Verse 2:
It's the
five-minute drill
But still we stack bills
Take you to the shop to fix them broke
Tell you how it feels to starve with no meals
Bring it to the front to pump
with no frills
All extra s--t can get the backsplit
Ras be the brother that women
relax with
I do a backflip, then pirouette inject
Plus be the n---a that never lost
a bet
Television sets ain't big enough to see
And now my career ain't big enough for
Still down with 'em, can talk and laugh with 'em
But tell you one thing, can't
split it in half with 'em
Half a 1/3 to me sounds absurd
I rather keep a 100% to pay
Lay out the prints, the plans to stand grande
And keep the joint jumpin from
Philly to San Fran
Never gave a damn how hard y'all can slam
Broke out the mic to
smoke your half gram
A 150 pounds with worldwide respect
Be chillin at the crib
while Wolf signs the check

Soul Father
PB Wolf, on the 1's and
the 2's
Wack crews get bruised
Check us out y'all
Check us out y'all

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