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Viewing Lyrics for Am I Really Losing You ?:

Taken from the album Window Of Life by Pendragon
Album:Window Of Life
Track:Am I Really Losing You ?
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:Am I really losing you ?
Is that Mr. Nobody there ?
Is it still all for one and one for
all ?
Standing in an empty castle
Or fading into thin air
When I was a boy
dreamt that God lived in the sun
Memories like dusty toys
Never needing anyone
Am I
really losing you ?
Or has life just begun ?

Standing on Earl's Court station

We can see the ones that have gone
The ones who gave up hope long ago
The ones that don't
belong long
Sad looking faces shuffling through their lives
Just waiting to find out what
lies behind
The big white door
But like a shooting star
Will you just pass us by
And fade away into the light
And race across the sky
One freezing night

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