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Umbrella Man
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Taken from the album Unbelievable by Connor SarahConnor Sarah
One Nite Stand ( Of Wolves And Sheep )
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Taken from the album Mr. Bungle by Mr. BungleMr. Bungle
Slowly Growing Deaf
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Taken from the album Dirty Little Secret by Soleil StellaSoleil Stella
Dance With Me
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Taken from the album Dirty Dancing Soundtrack by Dirty Dancing SoundtrackDirty Dancing Soundtrack
Will You Love Me Tomorrow
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Taken from the album Escape From Noise by NegativlandNegativland
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Taken from the album American Dream by Crosby Stills Nash YoungCrosby Stills Nash Young
This Old House
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Taken from the album No Place That Far by Sara EvansSara Evans
The Great Unidentified
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Taken from the album Horses by Smith PattiSmith Patti
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Taken from the album Assorted by The MonkeesThe Monkees
Pleasant Valley Sunday
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Taken from the album Something In The Air by McCann LilaMcCann Lila
I Will Be
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Taken from the album The Best Of: Once In A Lifetime by Heads TalkingHeads Talking
Sax and Violins
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No album artwork found
Album:The World
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Produced by Tony 'the wise one' Taverner.
Mixed by Tony Taverner
Assisted by Andy
'coughee!' Wilkinson
Recorded and Mixed at Protocol Studios 1+2 Holloway London
From 5th
Aug 1991 to 28th Aug 1991
Cover artwork by Simon Williams/Dragon by Masayuki Daigo
music and lyrics written by Nick Barrett except Last Waltz
music written by Nick Barrett and
Pete Gee

Nick Barrett - Guitars and Vocals
Fudge Smith - Drums
Clive Nolan -
Pete Gee - Bass Guitar

Thanks to; everyone at Protocol, AP, Alan Matthews,
Derek Bush,
Martin Brown SMS, Ian Rowe, Steve d--kson and everyone else at

For information, merchandise etc write to;
The Mob, 19 Furze Platt Rd,
Maidenhead, Berks, SL6 7ND, UK

The World is your oyster, search for your dreams and make
them come true

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