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Viewing Lyrics for The Third World In The Uk:

Taken from the album Fallen Dreams And Angels by Pendragon
Album:Fallen Dreams And Angels
Track:The Third World In The Uk
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:Tijuana brass on a sunny day
It's only one hours drive from LA
Crying on the doorstep of
the UK
Screaming to the world let me in
or can you let me out?

A burning car in
a cul de sac
Jeering youths like a Zulu war
It's ok as long as we stay in a
Tearing up a carriage on a railroad track
We carry the flag and the tools of the
You can't buy these they're mostly home made
VW badges torn out as
Gonna shrink them put them
on a stick outside my door
Oh wonderful

There's well known politician
In a doorway sitting with an out stretched
Thought he had a dream for the nation
But tried too hard to be king of this
He was gonna plug their lives back in
With a single stroke of his hand
Rap trap
rat race now they throw it in your face
Hey buddy can you spare us a dime?

So have
your head and join the masses
Don't know why but it's the thing to do
And if one brave
soul stands up to be counted
Then we can all stand up and be counted too
Anger dripping
onto your cheek
How can the human race be so weak?
Metropolis economy laughing at
All ending in tears
And one big bang

I've had too much to
I've had too much to smoke
Now reality just a pantomime distorted into one big
Comatose and blinded
I'll get round to doing something one of these days

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