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Heart Without A Home
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This Little Girl
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Here It Comes
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Dead End
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Taken from the album The Notorious K.I.M by Lil KimLil Kim
Hold On
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Call A Wave
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Taken from the album Freedom by Yothu YindiYothu Yindi
Back To Culture
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Taken from the album Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart by Fitzgerald PatrikFitzgerald Patrik
White Boy Reggae
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Taken from the album Twentieth Century by Cold ChiselCold Chisel
Flame Trees
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Taken from the album Bang by Hart CoreyHart Corey
Chase The Sun
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Taken from the album The Rise And Fall by MadnessMadness
Mr Speaker Gets The Word
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Taken from the album Ashanti by AshantiAshanti
Leaving Always On Time Part II
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Viewing Lyrics for A Gate To Past Times:

No album artwork found
Track:A Gate To Past Times
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Mysteries of ancient times.
Of when our ancestors lived.
Treasures of a forgotten
Yet to be revealed.

Ideas of an afterlife.
Ancient views.
A life beyond
the grave.
A gate to the past.

The passage to the hereafter.
To dear departed
Packed tombs.
A celestial standard of living.

Mistresses buried with
Monarchs accompanied by symphonies.
A stunning array of artefacts.
A long lost

A newly discovered decade.
An era of endless nights in eternity.
underworld holds many treasures.
Immortality is the beauty of our past.

The quest for
everlasting life.
Guarded tombs.
Sacrifice through rituals.
One gives in order to

Beneath the remains.
In a flowing robe.
I am the last in my tribe.
last Shaman.

I sacrifice to the spirits of departed ancestors.
Energy is the source of
the rite.
I am the fabulous beast.
Born in the past into the future.

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