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Viewing Lyrics for Black is the Sun Shining:

No album artwork found
Track:Black is the Sun Shining
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Surrounded by septemberstorm and frosty rain.
Outside I am walking in my own
Around me people walk with bended heads.
We all have many thoughts to sort

I am outside to touch and to feel the coldness.
Every single person in this town
is depressed.
Wind and clouds make me wonder.
What kind of lives do these slaves

Rain keeps falling down this evening.
A storm comes in from the
Nothing is comparable to the autumn rain.
Dark and sullen, but a beauty to

There is nothing more beautiful than this.
Grey and depressing this time of year
It has always been my best company.
Different grades of loneliness it

This is the seed of life.
Its sadness only makes me stronger.
Hour after
hour I can spend in the rain.
Just to experience the beauty of pain.

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