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Viewing Lyrics for American Dream:

Taken from the album Straight Ahead by Pennywise
Album:Straight Ahead
Track:American Dream
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:Things you can't deny you best believe it when everything you wanted is gone
Struck down
although you don't like it nothing of value to be found
Violence breeds violence you know
we'll never stop it for progress we will protect the game
We struck the fuse you can't refuse
it the memory is all that will remain
The political scene coming apart at the seams
the end of the American Dream
The temperature is ready to burst
The future is not what
it seems for the American Dream
Time has come you know we can't stop it
You know that
the end is drawing near
Knocked down the sound of it collapsing
So loud no one can hear

Mindless old tyrants
do you hear the sirens song that will herald your demise

excessive sessions on your transgressions
we're all left sifting through the lies

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