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Top 12 Famous Lyrics:

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The Hanging Garden
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Head Full of Steam
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Who Has The Right
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Taken from the album PutaMano Negra
Pas Assez De Toi
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Taken from the album Assorted by The HolliesThe Hollies
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Taken from the album Drunken Lullabies by Flogging MollyFlogging Molly
The Kilburn High Road
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Taken from the album Sisters Of Avalon by Lauper CyndiLauper Cyndi
Ballad Of Cleo And Joe
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Taken from the album The MindStiltskin
Rest In Peace
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Taken from the album Pink Pearl by Jill SobuleJill Sobule
Lucy At The Gym
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Taken from the album The Book Of Human Language by AceyaloneAceyalone
The Hold
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Taken from the album 187 He Wrote by Spice 1Spice 1
Trigga Gots No Heart
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Taken from the album South Pacific (Musical by Rodgers And HammersteinRodgers And Hammerstein
Im Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair
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Viewing Lyrics for Anyone Listening:

Taken from the album Land Of The Free by Pennywise
Album:Land Of The Free
Track:Anyone Listening
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:Down below beneath a burning hot sun
Out civility's waking up
Hate your neighbor 'cause
he's not your kind
Fell out of favor, now he's out of luck

Get in your car, fuel up
and get a job
You got no worries, you don't care that much
Pass the beggars as they lie
out on the street
Just look away and roll your windows up

You don't have to
He's not one of us

Is there anyone listening
To this beautiful
Is there anyone watching
This wonderful nightmare

Don't care much,
you'd rather kill

Check out Johnny as he plays out on the street
Keeps to himself,
he doesn't say too much
Can't get along with the kids in school
Likes to make bombs and
blow things up

His mom and dad think everything's fine
They got no worries, they
don't care that much
All that tension bottled up inside
One day soon now he's gonna erupt

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