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Das Alte Leid
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Righteous Dub f/Barrington Levy
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Young Genocides
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I Do Believe (I Fell In Love)
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Viewing Lyrics for Divine Intervention:

Taken from the album Land Of The Free by Pennywise
Album:Land Of The Free
Track:Divine Intervention
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:You don't need divine intervention
For all the things that you never can face
You don't
need good intentions
Cause in the end it is all just a waste
We all need an endless
From all the problems the world can provide
We just need reconciliation
repair what is wrong in our lives

I can't face the day
Don't want to try I want to
waste away till I'm lost
Save me from all the chaos I'll radiate till I'm gone
So wait so
many things that I'll never break away
Wait save your answers
There's nothing when you're
gone from here

It's only another day wasted
That's replayed in the back of your
A snapshot that you suffocated
Among the shadows and little white lies
You don't
need a crude benediction
A pale savior you can sacrifice
You just need a new
When you're feeling alone in the night

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