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Viewing Lyrics for Dying To Know:

Taken from the album Unidentified Road by Pennywise
Album:Unidentified Road
Track:Dying To Know
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:I'll carry the torch - feed off my flame
love is the hottest word for me -
it knows my
and your spirit cuts through me
like a silent sword
and leaves it's score
everytime I take a chance - take it
everytime a rule to break - break
everytime I change my mind - change it
everytime there's suicide - you know
on my mind
you're everywhere I try to hide
I'm threatened by your suicide
I'll test
my faith till satisfied
my god I need to know. I know there's
got to be a place
heaven for the human race
why do I need to die
to go?
I need to know
I'm dyin'
to know
well good book says "love"
should be the best thing you can feel
you gotta stand by your faith
exactly what they say is real
so you push this back in your
cause the thought was too intense
that don't make sense
gotta hev it, I must
know it
here is my only chance
and I ain't gonna blow it
got to know before I'm outta
I'm all out of time.
it's burning a hole inside of me
answers to
questions I seek
burning a hole inside
keepin' the flame alive.
I will burn
this flame until I know
the name I need to know

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