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Top 12 Famous Lyrics:

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The Hold
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Im Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair
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Viewing Lyrics for Every Time:

Taken from the album Full Circle by Pennywise
Album:Full Circle
Track:Every Time
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:Every time I turn around I see places that look so unreal
Every time I try to say exactly how
I feel
And when I look at you I see a different side each and every time
I try to find
another place there's nothing I can find
I wanna say feel it slipping away
It happens
ever time you're in my mind
I want to say things that to you are true
But I'm not sure
about you
I'll never be who you want me to be
Gotta take some time in my life

Won't ever know until I try
I just gotta know why
Wouldn't you like all the best things
out of life?
All you got to do is just try then run for your life
All you gotta do is
what's best for you
All you gotta do is get through and run for your life
A silence
speaks to me a voice that seems so far away
The unheard cries of wasted lives I hear them
Left in this sullen room I search for things that I can find
To hold on to to
help me through nothing can be divined
All of these images start crumbling from my memory

I search my mind go back in time to the way things used to be

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