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Top 12 Famous Lyrics:

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Close To You
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Where You Lead
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I Hope You Dance Featuring Sons Of The Desert
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Taken from the album TUTTI GLI UOMINI DEL DEFICIENTE by Elio e le storie teseElio e le storie tese
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Taken from the album Brandy by BrandyBrandy
I Dedicate Part II
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Taken from the album One Trick Pony by Paul SimonPaul Simon
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Taken from the album Assorted by Sesame StreetSesame Street
Believe In Yourself
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Taken from the album Spoiled Girl by Carly SimonCarly Simon
Cant Give It Up
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Taken from the album Bulletproof by StarmakerStarmaker
When Your Heart Is Connected
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Taken from the album Liquid Swords by The GeniusThe Genius
4th Chamber
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Taken from the album Walking by Jane SiberryJane Siberry
The Lobby
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Taken from the album Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. by Springsteen BruceSpringsteen Bruce
The Angel
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Viewing Lyrics for Freebase:

Taken from the album About Time by Pennywise
Album:About Time
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:I got some s--t for sale you oughtta get some
You'll be the highest guy that ever lived

It might kill you man you won't even know it
I can feel your best sense starting to give

You take the chance you lose control
The lessons from your past you need to know
one more hit of base
That s--t is gonna blow up in your face
Ripping glass shards
through your heart
You got a problem man you ought to fix it
You think you're geting
Until it's too late well you wont even know it
You better stop before you hit a dead
When I see you out on the street
A different story everytime we meet
You been
hanging with a different crowd
Your acting tough and your talking loud
It's getting
worse for you every single day
A bad habit and it won't go away
Where you gone where's
my best friend
I can't help you cause you won't let me in

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